Monday, June 20, 2005

Vini Vidi Vickies

Surprise email from Chris and Jen of Victrola Coffee fame last week put the entire Bay area coffee community on its toes. No more messing around. It was time to represent.

See, Victrola has been getting a lot of attention lately, but unfortunately very little of that attention has been focused on their wonderful coffees. From previous posts to this blog, you'll know that we at the BBCC hold the Vickies in high, high regard.

We even like their resident blogger/roaster.

But this trip was specifically for the ownerfolks, and as they had never been to California (they come from New York originally) they over did it a bit.

We met them the morning after their arrival in the city. We met them at Ritual.

Eyeball, Jen and Chris
Eyeball, Jen and Chris.

After some quick drinks and photos, we brought them to the kiosk where Oldman poured them some shots.

Then the whirlwind continued. The basically hit all the Bay Area hotspots, Ecco, Barefoot, Organica, Royal, Ritual and even our cart at the Ferry Plaza on Saturday. An though we saw them only briefly the seeing was good.

Now bombard them with requests for their own account. Jen took pictures. We have proof.


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