Friday, June 10, 2005

Beginnings and Endings and Beginnings Pt.3

The prophesy is true.

After over a year of broken promises and bad pizzas, Charlie finally got his place open.

The Man makes pizza

Charlie's place, also known as Pizzaiolo, hosted a fun game of "Where have you served me food?" See, Charlie has spent some time in some of the best kitchens in the Bay Area, and has subsequently made a lot of friends. These friends have been waiting, and waiting...and waiting. So when Charlie announced the opening party, they all showed up.

Pizzaiolo is located right next door to Doña Tomas, in a space that used to be a hardware store. Being in such close proximity to our roaster, we've been talking to Charlie for a long time about all the build-out details and about his use of our coffee. It seemed like every week, right about lunch time, we'd start with the "When is Charlie's gonna be open?" Que a lame joke by James.

Some time ago, we happened upon a neat machine via quad Jeff. Quad Jeff who can't wait in line. Quad Jeff who beats up on old people at Berkeley Bowl. Well Quad Jeff sold us a machine out of storage and it went to our roaster for months and just sat there, waiting for Charlie.

With a word, we installed the machine.
Sweet ol' San Marco
Check out the San Marco Submariner.

We trained a barista.
Sarah with an h.

We even made some drinks.

So we felt a little entitled to crash the party, drink the wine and flirt with Alice Waters.

Here's sweet Toponia from Fatted Calf and Cabby from the BBCC.
Sweet ladies

yep, still drinking
Cute, and drunk.

"Will make latte for beer"

The best moment of the night by far for us was when Alice herself came into the room. Charlie had just given his speech and in thanking her the whispering began. James had been all a twitter that one of the lattes we had made had been for her and just as we are all arguing looked up and well... there she was... staring at us. What were we to do? A tiny squeak of a hello, and then our whole crew dissolved into a giggling mess. Oh Alice, the things you do.

Was this latte drunk by alice waters? Did she drink it?

Really, the food is awesome and the staff is terrific. Go. Eat pizza.
Pizzaiolo staff hard at work

Congrats again Charlie. It's so great.


Anonymous t o n x said...

damn that looks good.

11:27 AM  
Blogger drbiggles said...

Aw man !!! You guys, I could have helped. I got two strong arms, I could have helped! Send word to the Biggles, always searching for the Good.

10:05 PM  
Blogger TopoTail said...

Can't wait to try Charlie's pizza. I had to stop myself from licking the iMac screen to sample the pie in front of James. And what's up with Frog Hollow! That's really disappointing news.

12:11 PM  

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