Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kiwi Coffee

so bored
Gardner, and official BBCC experimental taster Heather, along with Pilot, amid the Saturday Horse Latitudes of Linden Alley.

So bored on Saturday we were. It has become hot, which is wonderful, but it means that people are out enjoying the glories of their environs without our hot and caffeinated beverages! No no no!

Fortunately it is New Orleans iced to the rescue. Which is great. It's cool it's fast it's refreshing, but it also deprives us of that much desired extended customer interaction. Our Ferry Plaza crew sends the coveted "Golden Chum Bucket Award" again to Pilot for forgetting to load the portafilters. Darn.

though the boys were able to race back to the roaster in time, the effort was almost for nothing as the iced drinks carried the day and left the BBCC with espresso to spare. Despite the apparent slowness, both Berkeley and HV chalked up record days. Go figure.

Then on Sunday, when all was seemingly on the same path, some strange feller with a funny way of talking showed up to the kiosk and ordered a macchiato. Was it the accent? The way he looked at the drink or the way he drank it? Something wasn't right about this guy.

It took a few minutes, but this guy eventually revealed himself as Glen Woodcock, otherwise known as one of the Glens from Rocket Coffee Roasters hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand. Boyman rattled off a few nervous words of advice about other coffee locales. We drew him a map that pointed directions both to Ritual and the Ferry Plaza.

His arrival was a week late by our estimations.

Glen smiles and and makes waving gestures and promises to return to the kiosk. And just like that he was gone.

We didn't believe him.

Then, between sets of cappucinos a couple of hours later, our shaggy stranger returned, luggage cart behind and orders his third macchiato of the day. What a character. He begins telling us stories of picking beans in Nicaragua and then about his struggle to communicate with old coffee roasters in Italy and back to Seattle where he ended up driving a car around Boeing Field. This last bit is the reason he hasn't rented a car while tripping through California. We drive on the wrong side of road after all.


This guy should be the one writing a blog. A coffee enthusiast on one of the frontiers of the industry and using his free time to travel and talk coffee. That would make for an interesting read.

We talked for a while, Glen figiting with his bags and saying "yep" a lot. Eventually we had to close the doors. Glen said his goodbyes again and took off, bag in tow. Cool guy, except that he didn't bring us any beans.


Everybody should send email to tonx to try and get him to post more. He can't possibly be that busy.


Blogger kan said...

"This guy should be the one writing a blog."..very handsome coffee guy...send him to the south. we needs guys like this hanging around while we sip lattes and blog. great guys ; )

6:04 PM  
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