Monday, May 09, 2005

I'll give you semiosphere...


Oh wow. So you must be thinking that the BBC has gone ultra lame. No communication for over a week and now you're thinking how our big heads don't translate into hypertext.

Oh well, we have each other.

It's been a week! Laughter, tears, anguish triumph...And that was only on Saturday.

Golden Chum Bucket award winners this week are none other than our trusty team at the Berkeley market. Is there really any need to go into it?

Also the poopy weather has been wrecking havoc upon our kiosk crew as the daily flow has seen some dramatic ups and downs. But never fear, things will of course keep getting busier and busier as the summer approaches. Perhaps there will even be some sun.

Our friend Larry has promised us some interesting coffees that he collected on a recent trip to Seattle. The collective mouth of BBC has begun to drool at the prospects of sipping the excellent Rwandan Gatare from our friends at Victrola.

Until then, Santé!


Oh and good luck to our recent friends the Akron Family who passed by on their recent tour of the west coast. Hopefully they, their beards, and their van, will make it back to Brooklyn.


Blogger drbiggles said...

Golden Chum Bucket award? Is that what they got? I had a cloth bag full of meatses, I din't lose out.

Senior Biggles

10:44 AM  

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