Sunday, May 15, 2005

Geeks in gowns

Eyeball beauty

It was a beautiful Saturday. There was the unfortunate beginning of the day where the "clean" chum hose in the cart belched forth the remnants of a latte gone wrong all over the pristine cement of the South Side of the Ferry Plaza, but after a record market, who cares about such trivialties, trivialities...whatever.

That night, the BBCC decided to unwind a bit by going out for coffee.

And where better than Ritual's opening party complete with members of Stumptown, Ecco Caffè and your very own BBCC in attendance.

Duane, Stephen and Jodi were are all down to help push the little fledgling out of the nest. Either that or they just wanted to play around on the new machine.

When we arrived, Shorty J was sweating them out behind the controls of their FB-70. The shots he poured for us were the best we'd had from them yet.

It wasn't long before both Stephen and Duane got behind the machine to work some of their own drunken style madness.

Stephen warms up for the bar
Stephen gets ready to pull shots.

Jeremy shows Duane how to make coffee
Shorty J "See Duane, this is where the coffee comes out."

Steve, J, Duane and Jody
(l-r) Stephen, Shorty J, Duane, Jodi

it was that kind of party
Yes, it was that kind of party

This lady insisted that her picture be taken.

Even Boyman couldn't resist and had to jump on bar to help with some milk.

See, he is really short
See, we call him Shorty for a reason.

Eileen, J and Allie Congrats once again to the fine folks over at Ritual on the launch of their new place. Awesome.

But it's my party! Botox: "But it's my party!"


Blogger gabriel said...

Ali does that a lot.

just stick a biscotti in her mouth and she's happy.

either that or an extra dirty martini.

by the way man, great pictures and my name is Gabriel!

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your fired.

8:32 PM  
Blogger gabriel said...

hey at least I didn't suggest a banana.

and yo Steve, I will try and come down on Monday to say hey with lady in arm.

11:08 AM  
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