Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Enemy Awakens

Opening day

Unsure what to expect, we arrived early to beat the rush. Surprisingly, their quiet opening was just that. We slipped in, were handed a cup of the Rwandan Musasa. So sweet and delicious. We had cupped this the week before from an older roast, and all that was expected wasn't there. This cup however, pressed and then poured from a Fetco airpot, was awesome. So, so good.

They were nervous. The cream wasn't out. J was wearing a quote from the Bible.

But it was so exciting to sit there and watch them fidget. The place looked great. The wood, the glass. Shorty J had built several table tops out of ply-wood. Is there anything that guy can't do?
Shorty J

Eyeball was a little bothered by the fact that she had resorted to her old TI uniform what with all the black.

Botox meanwhile sat on the side and critiqued their performance. She isn't a paid employee yet, but plans to extort beauty products and handbags for her labor. Kind of like the way we pay Manboy in cigarettes.

We even managed a shot which was so smooth. How do they do it?
Hairbender shot as poured by Shorty J

Congratulations you guys, but the Gibraltar was ours first.


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