Thursday, April 14, 2005


As it would seem

Since every other coffee blogger and their mother is up in Seattle right now, the BBCC would like to scoop them all on a local development. Not that they would be able to cover it anyway but we have to make ourselves feel good somehow.

Our good friends and soon-to-be fierce competitors at Ritual Coffee Roasters have finally got their machine installed, thanks largely to Ken from Stumptown. (Shoulda busted him with a hammer while we had the chance.) They are sporting a brand spankin' FB-70 complete with three groups and steamwands and everything!

Not that we don't love our modified Linea, but all that red...
The Mercedes

So his shortness, (Mr. I can do 20 pull-ups but need a chair to reach the bar) Jeremy was very excited to finally start pulling shots on his "just my size" bar. Eileen meanwhile was sipping shot and pulling her own and it was all smiles and them people started coming in and what a commotion!

Kiss it goodbye
Eyeball and Shorty J

This was an excellent opportunity to taste the Hairbender in a more appropriate context. And what a difference a machine makes. Or maybe it was the filter basket. Or the monster tamp that Jeremy lays down. Whatever. These shots were so damn fantastic. Just ask Eileen.


Really, these are some of the coolest people and they really don't take themselves seriously. And neither do we.

Except that pull-up thing.

Short jokes are all we got.


Anonymous espressoDOM said...

awaiting the black t-shirt with the red logo... it begs to be made vivalabean....

10:19 AM  
Blogger gabriel said...

i can do about 20 pullups. bet I'm shorter though.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



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