Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Seattle Diaries Pt. 2

So what happens when you get a bunch of Baristas together on a beautiful sunny Thursday in Seattle? You go to several cafes in a row and caffeinate the hell out yourselves. And that's just what Boyman and several of the Victrola baristas did.

The launch was from the Victrola space up on 15th on Capital Hill. After a wonderful double short americano, the crew packed up in several Volkswagens and tore down the hill to Hines Public Market where Boyman's evil twin, the magical, the short Bronwen Serna started popping out the shots for her colleagues.

For Boyman, Bronwen made her award-winning signature drink the "honey macchiato."

Hines Honey Macchiato
Feel free to drool.

First stop checked, it was back into the cars and off to Greenlake, or Tangletown if you're into that neighborhood identification, to visit Boyman's old stomping grounds Zoka Coffee and Tea. Zoka just opened another location over in University village, (unfortunately nicknamed U.Z.) Though the faces weren't all familiar, it was a pleasure to see manager Craig Kerrick in all his sweetness. Craig is always one of those guys who it's hard to talk to at work because he keeps running away to help customers. The opportunity presented itself however as Craig added the little spoons to each of the demi-tasses that came off the bar. He told of Zoka's plan to take over Japan and soon the world and berated the BBC for not taking part in either the USBC or the upcoming SCAA conference. Man...

Zoka Shot
This shot was peppery and nutty. Think arugula.

Their space as always was crowded with the laptop crowd, somehow ignoring the glory of the weather outside. But not matter, there is coffee to drink and baristas to drink it!

The next stop was just up the hill in that nebulous region where Fremont and Phinney Ridge meet. Lighthouse Roasters has been the one-time home to members of both the Hines' and Stumptown's roasters. It's reputation, needless to say, proceeds it. If only people could find it. Even those CapHill centric Victrola kids had to take a few wrong turns before location.

Lighthouse Roasters

But find it we did. They were a little surprised to see all these folks walk though the door at what was obviously a slower part of their day. Good for us!

Lighthouse shot

The description of the shot from Vickie Chad as "like a sweet lemon" says it best.

We sloughed off Vickie Kyle and packed the caravan off to our last stop at the very swank, very new All City Coffee space on 4th and Washington in that area between Pioneer Square and the International District. Though the multiple-stops, multiple drinks experience was quickly descending into some scene of mayhem from The Sun Also Rises, the crew persevered and sampled the ACC take on Vita's Caffe Del Sol from their super bitchin' three-group Synesso. Jerks.

All City Coffee

All City shot

The shot was excellent with a rich "coffee" flavor. Vita has so many outlets around the city and it's normally a crap shoot as to how well it will be prepared. These guys, they have it figured out.

The best part though, by far, was the space itself. It's a little unclear where people should order or go after they have their drink, but the walls are all glass and in the late afternoon sun, this would be the place to be. With our coffee, the whole tour retired to the upstairs to survey the floor and bustle of downtown Seattle life. Check the pictures on their site. Then check these:

Victrola crew on the cafe crawl Pt 1
(From l-r) Daniel's foot, Chad, Rachel, and Kelleen.

Victrola crew on the cafe crawl
(l-r) Casey, Erin, Bob, Sarah Jane, Tonx

All Vickies, all wonderful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The owner of one of the volkswagens that carted around the coffee aficianados is feeling a bit like she deserves a mention, housing and transporting boyman and all.

Maybe she's just cranky as the dog (which also did not recieve a mention in The Seattle Diaries) chewed up a pen, then ran through the puddle of permanent ink, tracking more than 50 little doggie ink footprints on very light beige carpet this morning.

Upon discovering DogInkChaos2005, she brewed herself a nice cup of the Blue Bottle Coffee left by boyman before beginning to scrub the carpet, and that helped her not go completely insane.

Her opinion means nothing as a complete ignoramus in terms of coffee, but she thought it was delicious.

Apparently she also enjoys the third person.

4:27 PM  

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