Sunday, February 13, 2005

Say Epoisse!

"It's so tough being beautiful. Anyone seen my dog? Oh, wait, there she is. Just lost her amid all this black. "

Last time we talked about the up and coming interest in the Sagan Piechota firm for a possible NYT story... more on that in a minute.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market was another success despite a rapid change in weather which had possible ill effect on our clients. That means that the morning chill gave way to some serious sun, that means that everyone in town for the weekend decided to come down for the market in a big coat, only to be tricked into an endless line at the cart, which, due to the volume of customers, meant everyone got a free suntan with the purchase of their latte. One would think that when one is hot, a nice, refreshing cup of the New Orleans-Style Iced coffee would hit the spot.
But no, you, your mom, your mom's second cousin and her husband Milt all want a piping hot Non-fat mocha and want it now and I'm from New York, well actually the suburbs, and I don't have to wait in line at Dunkin' Donuts so what the hell is taking so long... It was a little busy. People were cranky.

Pilot stepped in for Manboy and our new regimen will mean that all the kiosk boys will eventually have a Saturday to themselves. Joy!

And speaking of the kiosk, Oldman had originally been slated for NYT exposure, (not his first we're sure) but is wasn't to be. Instead, shots were taken in the interior. Even so, Oldman took the cake of a record day in the Valley, charming the pants off one and all. So attention New Yorkers: If you don't want to wait in line, go to Hayes Valley.

In Berkeley, The Hug (who has somehow eluded mention at the Clown College) took charge along with Purple Cup.

Boyman arrived in Hayes Valley this morning to find the garage door replaced with a wall of plywood! Turns out that while the garage was being hosed out for the imminent photo shoot, the electronic sensor for the door got wet and shorted out. Mr. Sagan, wanting to prevent the children of the night from moving into the garage, quickly erected the wall out of materials from the shop. While that undoubtedly took a forever to construct, a few deft blows with a hammer brought the whole thing down in easily manageable pieces. No wonder the guy has his own firm!

People lined up early but it wasn't long before the photographers showed up to get everything in place. James even showed up with his dog Ivy, just in time to help. With products placed and polygal dropped, it was time to look our best.

The nerves started to set in. James was busy dissolving dog-treats in his sweaty palms. Boyman meanwhile bit his nails. Ivy stared, licking her chops at the promise of sweat-salty treats. We tried to remedy the nerves with coffee. You can guess how that worked out. More Dissolving. More Biting. More Staring. Ahh!

From the kiosk...

It really wasn't that big-a-deal. They had to ask James to stop sticking his butt out so much. (That kind of behavior might work for 7x7 but not here!) A few customers even got shoo-ed out of the way with their drinks, giggling at our awkwardness. Fun!

happy models
Of the kiosk.

Then it was over and things returned to normal. People flowed in and drinks went out at a fairly brisk pace.

Coffee was drunk. Beans were purchased.

Life, it moves on.

Coming soon! Oldman exclusive! Stay tuned!


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