Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Red, White and Brown

Something to love about the city in which we work.

Let's just say that New Grinder Burrs will make all the difference.

Got a visit from the guy behind the wheel of the "other" coffee place in Hayes Valley. A shot was poured, there was talk about Mr. Espresso, and hand shakes were exchanged. Just wondering about their designation at best latte in SF...

Also Gabe from All City Coffee (Seattle) stopped by for a very doppianos. He came on the recommendation of Tobasco who works at Spasso over in Oakland (Formerly a Zoka employee?). He stopped by long enough to tell us about the Synesso machine their installing in their new shops. (grr.) Just when you think you got it all figured out and then those guys in the northwest have to out-geek us again. (grr.)

Happy belated VD!


Blogger Christian said...

Speaking of Seattle, are you comming to the SCAA show this year?

4:36 PM  

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