Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fight Club

The kiosk has turned into a nexus of wheelings and dealings as folks with all sorts of plans and ideas roll through, some seeking advice, some seeking refuge, most seeking coffee. It is all about business cards in the big city and damnit, we don't have any.

But from those that do, exciting news.

The first thing is tables. Our neighbor down the street, Tazi Designs (who opened up in the notorious 333 Linden space, go ahead, google it), has on spec lent us some very nice tables and chairs.

table models

tazi card

tazi table

They are beautiful, but we need people to test-drive them for us, some come get a latte and hang awhile. Comments welcome.

Also, one set of those latter legs belongs to a very caffeinated coffee aficionado, who will shortly be opening a cafe over in the Mission. Now we here at the BBCC would love to hate these guys, but we're so stoked to have better coffee available to all that we withheld the rat poison from their Gibraltars. Nothing wrong with a little competition.

Hope we are not spilling the beans by saying this soon to be opened place in the Mission will eventually be roasting their own, until then, they will proudly be serving Stumptown out of Portland, which will undoubtedly make Manboy defect. More on this with the OK of the owners.

Being on the alley has offered us East Bay dwellers a little glimpse of the hard, if not utterly bizarre underbelly of city life. For instance, as Boyman worked hard on his public relations skills the other day, a car came ripping around the corner and headed down the street. Now this shouldn't be all that weird except that you must remember that we are on an alley, so I guess he wanted to get to the end real fast. This dead-end fact was not lost on the next guy who came running down the alley after the guy in the car. No weird to pass up, the denizens of the alley moved in closer to see and sure enough, Speedracer and Runningman were totally going at it (and not in the 333 Linden kind of way). It was hard to tell who was wailing on who, but before anyone could get to the second 1 on their cellular phones, it was all over. They were both leaving the alley as they came, but not before giving each other "respect-knuckles." All we could figure is that we had witnessed some game, or perhaps a case of mistaken identity.

"Oh, hey, sorry for wailing on you dude. I thought you were somebody else"
"That's cool bro, I'll catch you on the flipside."
(knock knuckles)

It's what's going on. Really.

And in other scenes of masochism, Oldman and Boyman got together to work on next year's SCAA award winner.

ow! ow! ow!

Better recognize.


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Boyman you are sooo sexy!
I bet you taste delicious.

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