Friday, February 11, 2005

Chocolate and Kudos

There has been a lot of discussion in the last couple of weeks about our chocolate. Though we have traditionally created our hot chocolates and mochas with a Ghirardelli powder, our friends at Sketch Ice Cream inspired a change in our menu for the Linden Alley kiosk. Following their example, we have started using a 65% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate from E. Guittard known as Sur del Lago. This chocolate is from Western Venezuela, South (Sur) of (del) Lake (Lago) Maracaibo.
From the Guittard site:
Sur del Lago's criollo and trinitario hybrid heritage, with dominant criollo genes, creates a complex chocolate. The criollo ancestry produces a delicate chocolate of a lighter color than other chocolates -- a radiant, rich red in the case of Sur del Lago. There are deep red fruity notes, sometimes described as berry or cherry-like. With a natural acidity, Sur del Lago marries beautifully with all sweet flavors, such as caramel and fully ripe fruits. However, this elegant chocolate shows off exquisitely in the simplest of desserts, such as a classic chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream.

chocolateSee, we get the bars, break them up, and then grind them up into a flaky mass. This is then scooped into the steaming pitcher, milk is added and then onto the steam wand. The heat dissolves the chocolate and we then can pour it with a shot for a mocha or on its own for a hot chocolate.

Cool on Manboy this week for making a shot for none other than Duane Sorenson, whom y'all know from here. Via electronic communique, he offered a compliment to coffee and barista so we're puffing our chests in pride.

In other prideful news, the architecture firm that houses the BBCC kiosk is known as Sagan Piechota Architecture, and they are getting the NYT treatment this weekend of their offices on Linden. Oldman will be there to represent for us so look for the article and his smiling mug sometime soon!

Speaking fo photojournalism, one the way to work the other morning, Boyman stumbled across one of those scenes of strange city beauty. Enjoy.


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