Sunday, February 06, 2005

All work and no play

The good news: Consistent number of folks coming to the kiosk

The bad news: solo shifts of 12 hours of a consistent number of folks coming to the kiosk!

Other than that, it goes and the kiosk officially turned two-weeks-old today. Awesome.

The kinks of supplying the cart with an adequate amount of coffee are being worked out. This weekend saw the retail debut of The Hayes Valley Espresso for the shopping public. Waiting for feedback from the local geeks.

Some of whom have stopped by:

-Andrew from Ecco Caffe made two appearances over the weekend, one at the Market on Saturday and another today at the kiosk. Andrew produces some of the most interesting espresso in Northern California. The Centro Espresso kiosk, located in Sawyer's Newsstand in Santa Rosa, serves Ecco and remains one of the best venues for quality drinks. Though it has been a couple of years since traveling to the roasting site, Andrew's set up is enviable. More on this when BBC can attack with our camera!

-Richard Reynolds, local coffee writer and critic also took down his first dose of the HV espresso. Richard has written, and is often the subject of, many articles about coffee and the local cafe scene. We got to joke about coffee and bad service and hyped up places in Seattle. You know, shop talk. Here's a little more about the man and his machine.

Another reason for an attractive rubber stamp: A16, (no, not the winning call in a game of BINGA) has decided to start serving Blue Bottle Coffee. They will have one blend for the french presses and another for espresso. Tomorrow, we will be serving their press blend as a drip at the kiosk, so stop by.

"We're chic": proof positive that Boyman has been spending too much time in Hayes Valley.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that on the menu @ A16 last night! Yeehaw! Jason and I were both excited.

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