Sunday, January 16, 2005

Or perhaps...

you'd rather find out what's going on with the business!

It's official. According to the flier we posted on the cart yesterday, Blue Bottle Coffee Company will officially be opening their space at 315 Linden St (alley) on January 23rd. That's a Sunday. Come down, meet the crew and drink some coffee.

Also on the official side, Bittersweet opened its doors to a limited public today so that friends and family could see what all the fuss is about. There were several bon-bons and chocolate bars for sale as well as a selection of baked goods including the well met ginger/pear/chocolate muffin. Quickly consumed it was with a spicy shot of Guatemalan pulled by the rather excited barista/partner Seneca. Lots of goodies, lots of babies. Look for the official official opening this week!

Also, for those of you who wern't there, the Ferry Plaza was booming yesterday. James, Manboy and Boyman all worked there frozen little smiles to the gums bringing the purchasing public the perfect perveyance.

Fit to split moment of the day came when the washes of smoke and rosemary and gasoline prompted one worker to guess that the offering du jour from the near by food-seller was none other than pig of the sea, which is often served as pig-of-the-sea in a blanket. The lines, they went on forever.

More later from a safe distance!


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