Sunday, January 23, 2005

Grand Opening

Officially official.

Posted hours on the door.

Our first day went off something fantastic with Boyman and James opening up the doors around 10 a.m. And immediately people were lining up to test out the new set up. This early crowd consisted of mostly Saturday Ferry Plaza regulars. 2 Cappuch Paul was there along with Latte Spike followed by 2 shot David. Leslie and her manpanion showed up for some caffeinated beverages as did Blake, Ian, Evan, Lynn and Team Viola. Blue Comet and Lady Blue Comet made and appearance as did a particular Dark Gardener who's name will be shortened to just A. to save on spelling. Even Sweet Libby and her daughter stopped by just to make Boyman's day.

Here's our first paying customer Paul , sucking down the first of his caps.

And with all the people showing up, the geeks were outed. Turns out that several of our friends from the world online were excited to add our opening to their postings. These include life begins @ thirty, and her companion flourdesign who took some killer photos which are on his site. Also there was our friend and Yemen drinker, Larry, who out-geeked everyone by posting his photos to his flickr account over his phone. Nerds. We love them.

Matt and Minette (sp?), the first M+M couple of the day, savoring the sweet surroundings that the Linden Alley has to offer.

Drinks poured nicely. This machine will take some getting used to, but the milk was beautiful and the shots came out in sweet, choco-nut thickness.

For example. I think the lens of the camera ended up in this one.

For those of you who haven't been privy to the Blue Bottle Saga over the past months, the opening of the Hayes Valley kiosk has been a long time coming. Needless to say, all of us here were very excited to get this up and running.

Cabby even got to come out. Notice how James is trying to whisk the baby away.

Downside of having a former professional musician as a boss: He's never, ever, ever had to use a cash register. Luckily James' sleep deprivation drove him to seek out food geekiness elsewhere in the city as the Fancy Food Show has been hanging out in the city all weekend.

It was great to see everyone smiling and having a good time. Even those who had never heard of the coffee were stoked. Strangers from the neighborhood would walk by looking at the kiosk like it was dropped upon them by some alien culture. We are new, we are exciting. We make the alley a less scary place.

Late in the day, the second M+M couple showed up to drive up sales and look ravishing for the camera.

Thanks to all for coming down. Check back for more updates. For now, here is some geeky shots of shots.

The new HV espresso in progress.

The result.


Blogger tonx said...

congratulations! great photos, lovely people.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the drinks on Sunday! I was inspired to publish a fan post at

I'll see you tomorrow, as we're already out of beans. Out of beans by Wednesday? Crazy!

9:51 PM  
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