Monday, January 24, 2005

Day 2


Boyman got the setup set up on his first solo solo at the new Hayes Valley location. Fighting cold, lack of sleep and a 45 minute commute across the Bay, things were up and moving to a soundtrack of Benny Goodman by 7 a.m.

This was fine except that no one showed up until after 8. Damn!

But once they started coming.... Turns out a long time customer from the Berkeley side of things works at an organization in the neighborhood called VolunteerMatch. After plowing through three cups of our brew-to-order drip coffee, he passed the word on to his co-workers and the day began in earnest.

By the end, it was a toss-up between VM and Dark Garden as to who had sent over the most business.

Speaking of locals, several business cards were handed our way today from people like Todd of Hayes Valley Online. Todd is a photographer (rated PG-13) and discovered Blue Bottle while walking his dog this morning. By noon he had taken pictures and promised an update.

Then there was the "we're also new to the neighborhood" Tazi designs who had us goggling over the prospects of mosaic cafe tables.

Other onliners include a review by Trimethyldioxypurist on sfist. Excellent.

There would be more pics, however technical difficulties will tear us apart.

If you are good, there will be more on the visit today from famed National Barista Champion ('02) Dismas Smith.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.


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