Saturday, January 08, 2005

Cold, Wet, Cold again.

Three men, two tables, an EZ-up, an espresso cart and lots of rain. At least there isn't a market tomorrow.

Interesting things:
Manboy's knowledge of the German language brought a couple of new words into the Blue Bottle lexicon, only problem is, Manboy needs to spell them out before that can be added to our growing list. The best one starts with an s and has an f in it. It means laughing while others cry or something like that. It spoke mostly to our plight today as every customer was sent off with a hot beverage to enjoy whilst we froze. They laughed, we cried. Summdenflungen? Smoozfatzen? Scharffenberger?

Also, an excellent cloth bag attached to a person taught us the wonderful word Muffuletta, which has now become another pet name for James. And don't worry, he loves to hear it from anyone, not just us.


Blogger jenmess said...

The word you are looking for is Schadenfreude..meaning taking pleasure in other peoples pain! Anytime you have a german question, feel free to email us over here at Victrola in Seattle...we have a fluent german speaker in the house!

1:30 PM  

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