Wednesday, January 05, 2005

And one more makes three...

It's official, the new BBC barista in training is none other that (drum, drum, drum) Oldman. Yes, yes, first there was Boyman, then there was Manboy, and now folks, Oldman. Why you might ask? Is it the grey hair? The charming way everyone has to sit on his lap? Or just the fact that this irrepressible feller has been pouring shots since before either of the other two had even tasted the sweet blessings of espresso? Who knows?

Yes. Lot of questions. No straight answers.

And now the soon-to-be-replaced, after days of slaving away perfecting drinks:

Boyman: "Here's your latte sir. Sir? See how I drew you a heart? Can I have some food now? Maybe some water? Or maybe you can take these chains from my feet?"

Manboy: "They can't fire me! I'll make my sad face and whisper sweet Germanic nothings into your ear. Remember, I'm the cute one."

It's coming along. Really.

(Scruffy pics by DaddyMack)


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