Saturday, December 04, 2004

Working the bugs out

After the trying weather conditions of the previous week, BBC started Saturday optimistically with the sun coming gloriously into the sky. But our hopes were dashed soon after when that very same sun disappeared behind the cloud and didn't com back for several hours. We persisted however and tried to make drinks as fast as our numb little fingers could work. The Astoria was giving us some grief.

The autofill has been troublesome since the summer, but never so much as on Saturday. We tried to fill the tank to bursting to have more of a reserve, but even that only helped so much. We are currently exploring options so if any of you engineers have an idea of how to soup up a gas burning espresso machine, we're all ears.

The eating at the Ferry Plaza is also a good thing. Tamales from Cocina Primavera, Chicken from Roli Roti, and eggs/bacon/potatoes from Rose Pistola. Thanks to Manboy for doing the lion's share of the work in the post-op.


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