Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What to do with a Winter market

Well, it seems that the Tuesday markets are losing steam. Whether it is because of weather or lack of produce, farmers are bailing left and right. At the Ferry Plaza, several booths were left vacant. But who can blame them?

The first hours of that market were lonely and cold. For some reason I had been sent to service with Bella Donovan rather than the Giant. That was fine because it seems that most of the people that come to that market enjoy coffee out of a drip machine, "You know, Mr. Coffee."

That way they can sample the coffee before picking up the bag and saying "do you grind?" To which I begin to reply that the flavor of the coffee is dependent on the aroma and when you grind ahead of time so much of that aroma is lost and..."I know, I know but its just so (loud/messy/hard/involved (pick one)) that I need it ground. They grind it at Peets."

This is where that little line of customer service gets crossed and I start making those noises that everyone cringes at.

No really, I love that conversation.

Best part of the day: When a particular fellow with a tapedeck pressed to his head rawks on by with peace sign waving and saying "The Rolling Stones!"

Also: The fattest baby ever. EVER!

Meanwhile in Hayes Valley, James was blending and pouring for our new venture. Calling every once and a while to brag/gloat/tease. Good news is that we might be getting close though all today's findings are up for review.

And Oddjob was pouring some beautiful shots in Berkeley. Maybe a trade could get worked out...


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