Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tiny bubbles

Continuing this weeks theme of everybody doing everyone else's jobs, Saturday duties were handled by the usual crew of James and Manboy, but in the role of Boyman, our sometimes pinch-pourer Louisa.

We now turn to James for a brief report:

Note from the front lines:

While your usual correspondent was rolling out of bed at the crack of nine in Monterey, California, the work of Blue Bottle at the Ferry Plaza continued with the same precision and élan that our regulars have grown to contemplate with unabashed wonder. Instead of the insolent and occasionally amusing milk artist, we added a former Frog Barista, whom we kiss in times of trouble to transform into a cool, unflappable order-taking, drip-coffee-making princess. The crowds arrived late, leaving our trigger fingers itching, so to speak, but once the lines formed, we got a chance to see that the modification performed on our cart by the redoubtable fire artist, Justin, was working as hoped.

As usual, bacon and eggs were for breakfast & grass fed-beef sandwiches were for lunch. The Hogs remembered us around 11:30 with some of the finest barbequed oysters in recent memory, and the girls from Miette inexplicably came and left content only to pick up their drinks and rattle Manboy's cage with their mahogany-bobbed loveliness.

Which is to say: no Macaroons for the scruffy lads of Blue Bottle

Meanwhile, Boyman was taking a tour of the finer eating establishments in and around Monterey, where a veritable carnival of coffee oddities awaits the unsuspecting imbiber. Behold the disappearing crema! Behold the macchiato with the impenetrable layer of milk meringue! Behold the mysteries of La Marzocco machines fit for pod espresso! Behold and beware!

And Sunday! What a good time that was. The weather was cool but sunny and everyone decided to actually show up to sell things to the public. Among the booty: A jar of Sundried Tomato tapenade (yes, with olives) from Happy Boy Farms; oranges from Blossom Bluff; some excellent tuna from the fish fellas, and THE LAST JAR OF LOULOUS'S PICKLES FOR THE YEAR! Sweet Christ in the foothills how will we make it? Gonna sell 'em off on ebay in March and cash in. Yes.

Had a long discussion with a very nice lady about how she hates foam. This is a thing I do not understand, nor comply with on a very regular basis. No offense to you non-foamies out there but come on, it's just foam. But no, this lady made her request known and I flagrantly ignored her and when she went to stir in the sugar (yes, it hurt) she promptly FREAKED OUT about the tiny little bubbles, I naturally slipped into song...

Next week is the last Sunday market until next April so get down there while you can. And bring leis.


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