Monday, December 06, 2004


While Boyman spent his Sunday working tirelessly to draw customers to the cart, Cabby's truck broke down. Hella bummer for her rig is the transporter not only of herself, but also of many BBCC beans. Damn! So, today got a little confusing as everyone had to do some other persons J-O-B.

Cold as it was on the outside, the roaster was bustling with activity. All the boys were there at one time, arguing, laughing, making coffee. Manboy even got the wild hair to go down to the Ethiopian market to buy cardamom for a quick batch of Turkish coffee. Wow. We also helped out a person who was operating under the misaprehension that we were a working cafe (confused AND disappointed!) and sold a lot of beans. We even put bags around them.

Manboy also pulled an excellent shot of the 3 Africans while James made it taste terrible in a drip scenario.

And after Saturday's problems, we sought help from a local fellow who would like to turn up the gas on our burners. To his disappointment, we maybe can fix the problem through plumbing instead of fire. Damn again!

Long day was rounded out with a pizza from the new Lanesplitter on 48th and Telegraph. Recommending the thicker crust we's'is.

And the best story of the day came from a very excited Caitlin who broke an oath of silence to tell all that in a drunken rage, James, that is James our roaster, actually gave someone a high-five, in public. You can build your celebrity chef-ness up for years, but a beer and a half later, and everything is ruined. Damn! Damn!


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