Saturday, December 18, 2004

Even in December, Saturday is still Saturday

Wow, up again before the crack of dawn to prep for today's market at the Ferry Plaza. Manboy, who had worked with James the previous night catering to the Clif Bar holiday party, rolled up in grumpy style. Coffee, unfortunately, did little to aid his attitude.

Apparently in a fit of rage the night before, Manboy had become ANGRY RED MANBOY and messed up the sliding door to our garage space. James, not to be out alpha'd in any pissing contest, proceeded to channel his pent up aggression about growing up with only a clarinet for a friend, and ripped the door from it's track, shouting "I'll show you who's first chair!"


So, when we arrived this morning, the door was let's say, a little ajar. Getting the story took a few minutes, drinking coffee and eating oatmeal took a few minutes, complaining about our boss took a couple of minutes, and then "Oh snap! We're late!"

Driving at the recommended speed for a Canadian Coffee Cart, Manboy and Boyman raced across the bay bridge to arrive at the Ferry Plaza. We knew we were late with both the Rosies and the Chicken truck there ahead of us.

Through fierce muttering, the morning erection of the Blue Bottle Coffee Cart was completed. James arrived and immediately understood that the minions had lagged in their duties, which wouldn't have been a problem except that the propane tank was malfunctioning and thus we had no pressure.

It took a lot of frantic running around but we learned from previous lessons to bring that extra tank of propane so we were all set when we switched out. Everything ran plenty hot. The lines were steady but not especially jammed.

James pulled, Manboy steamed and ate all the bacon (ed. note: JERK), and Boyman schlepped coffee. At the end of the day, (and no, not in that obnoxious 'at the end of the day' pundit way of saying it) we made close to 200 cups of drip! That's roughly 1600 ounces of drip or 12.5 gallons of coffee which is, well, a lot.

And we had a new good word to add to our resume search: obsequious

Also, we had a customer who just wouldn't stop talking about how good the coffee was. Or rather, this person just wouldn't stop talking. We had a very confusing discussion in which this person insisted that on the authority of Dr. Dean Edell, we aren't supposed to drink coffee any other way than out of a filter. No, I'm not kidding. Apparently the eminent Dr. believes that drinking unfiltered coffee leaves one terribly exposed to the risk of Cancer, and god knows what else.

Naturally, this was the first thing plugged into Google when the BBCC returned to the comforts of our computer. Though there were articles about coffee potentially causing HIGHER CHOLESTEROL both here, and here, neither of those SAY ANYTHING ABOUT CANCER. In fact, if we were actually going to "quote" the good Dr., we might find his research about the benefits of coffee, both here, and here kinda interesting. Or even better, let's ask the BBC (not us but, you know, the real BBC.)

But really, for a nutritionist, perhaps decaf is just a better idea all around.

Guess Manboy's grumpiness is contagious.

Also, Michael from Mill Valley Candleworks stopped by for a latte and a delivery of these cool wax ornaments for the holiday.

Then some guy tried to fight with a security guard, so you know, it was a typical Saturday.

Upon return, the door was fixed, despite Manboy's whining.

Tomorrow is the final Sunday market of the season. That one won't begin again until April. Come down for a drink and to sample some of the fine wares of the market. Boyman from 10-2 p.m.


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