Friday, December 03, 2004


As of yesterday, the Hayes Valley Kiosk Project is a-OK with the San Francisco Health Department. There are a few more steps to be taken before we can open (supplies, training, testing, etc.) but we can see the finish line.

We also pulled some shots of Victrola espresso today. Their set-up is similar to ours except that they have a bigger roaster and live in Seattle. If my feet were held to the fire, I would swear that the blend included a Sumatra, some crazy central american and Brazil, Brazil, Brazil. We were a little worried about the shots coming out of our San Marco being too cool to taste right, but we were impressed. Very nutty, and the crema! Don't get me started.

A rather poor shot of a rather good shot of Victrola Streamline Espresso

Thanks again to tonx for the coffees. Further testing will be made on the HV Marzocco.

We also received a wonderful email from a happy cappuccino drinker who tried Blue Bottle for the first time served up by our friends at Tucos in Davis, Ca. More on their new and excellent establishment in a bit.

Thanks for listening. That is all.


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