Friday, November 05, 2004

Yet another Friday down at the Roaster

Well team, it was a Friday like no other. Our Friends from Miette stopped by with pastries and such. I was especially loving the crunch-style biscotti. After a few shots and discussions of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers scenarios, the day continues with cleaning, bagging, and trips to some great sellers of our coffee products.

First on the list was our friends at Clif Bar who totally groove on our Roman Espresso in their single group La Pavoni.

Next on the list is a very excellent little ice creamery on 4th Street in Berkeley called Sketch. Folks down there use our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in French Presses and in their Yirg Granita.

Right across the way is Tacubaya
who serve their own house and espresso blends in all the right ways. Not only do they drip fresh to order, but they also rock a single group Salvatore. So good!


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