Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Tuesdays: Who knew?

A rather eventful yesterday on several Blue Bottle Fronts.

James went to Hayes Valley to talk to the fire inspectors about the cart. He was successfully able to distract them from the flamethrower we installed for security reasons long enough for them to say we pass. That being said, we worried that the Health Inspection would take a while. James called it in back at the roaster and the said, "How about in a week?" Brilliant! So things are moving along at a good pace over there, we'll just have to see how it turns out.

Meanwhile, across the city, Boyman was showing up late and setting up quickly for BBC's very first Tuesday at the Ferry Plaza. We decided to take the Saturday Berkeley set up (drip bar and beans) so that we could test the waters. The response was positive and people thought our drip method delightful. Though many of our regulars stopped by for a chat and a bag, there were a lot of new faces and long conversations. In the sun and then in the shade, this market could do well for us if the word catches on. (see below for the drip bar!)

And then across the bay, Manboy was killing it at the Berkeley Tuesday market. No amount of patchouli or panflute could stop the Manboy customer service onslaught. A record day there for him as the street was packed with last minute Thanksgiving shoppers.

Also, thanks to tonx for his nice review. He also roasts on a Diedrich and has promised us a care package. Score!

In order to clear up some confusion about how we serve so much drip to people at the Farmers Markets, a picture by Caitlin. Slow, involved, but oh-so good.

And also, here's the beans out for sale at the Tuesday Ferry Plaza market, our first service at that particular market.


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