Saturday, November 20, 2004

To end all Saturdays

Wow, after a week that was spent high on possibility and promise, to go even higher with a record Saturday market seriously rules. With the departure of Kat, BBC tried out the our New Saturday Startup Style where minions Manboy and Boyman haul everything over to the city to make way for the arrival of our roaster on the Red Carpet. You may kiss the rings. Not that boss-face got to enjoy all the glory as one particular, particular customer almost suffered a crushing blow to his sunhat for insulting Boss' tamping.

The conversation went something like this:

James: Boyman, it's a SPF espresso!

Boyman: Better make this one good!

James: Here you are sir. It came out a little fast so tell me if you would like another.

SPF: There's no crema, (editors note: LIE!) maybe you should tamp harder.

James: Oh Yeah!? Tamp this!


Since there will undoubtedly been a correction demanded upon reading this entry, let me just say that this adaptation is an artistic representation of the events and should be no means be taken as a serious example of the customer service aspects of BBC. Needless to say, a second shot was poured and after enough attention was paid to this particular, particulars plan to soup-up some espresso machine, we were all able to move on. That is except every time we mentioned the event, James would spout a particular, particular phrase that shouldn't be allowed on our family oriented site.

Speaking of goodtime folly, Manboy had a brief BurningMan flashback and incinerated one of our rags on the stove! Oops! Kind of cool though.

Also, we met Andy from Ecco Caffe up in Santa Rosa who promised to send along his website so that we could get some coffee from him.

And on the Berkeley side of things, a visit from the folks of Victrola Coffee & Art in Seattle. Hella cool!

Must sleep....


Blogger james said...

insolent, yes .... but amusing

7:03 PM  
Blogger tonx said...

I made a pilgrimage from Seattle to Berkeley to obtain the fabled Blue Bottle beanage (okay, I was already in Mill Valley - but still). Upon returning to Victrola I set up a cupping of 3 of your blends (3 africans, bella donovan, giant steps). Awesome, awesome, and also awesome.

I will be writing some sort of gushing prose about you folks on my blog when I'm fully recovered from the SFO to SEATAC jetlag.

4:57 PM  

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