Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Sunday Comeback

After yesterday's weather trials, the sun this morning was a welcome blessing. Yes, it was cold. Yes, it was windy. But after you bundle up a little and push an espresso cart around, you warm up.

The vendors were a little worried about the lack of pre-market meanderers but things really took off once the face of the tower read 10 o'clock. Sunday is traditionally a tourist market, but we sold a surprising number of "small" drinks (i.e. macchiati and espressi). The espresso was tasting excellent and people took notice. One practicing SPF stopped by after a long hiatus and we toasted macchiatos. I started to say, "Damn, this is goo..." when he jumps in and says: "Damn, this is good." Cheers.

Also enjoyed several spoils of the Sunday market: Albacore from Trinidad, persimmons from Blossom Bluff, crepes from my friend Boushaib(sp), strawberries from VB, and two different jams from LouLou's Garden: the rhubarb-grapefruit, and also the pear-ginger which was eaten with a spoon. Mmmm good.

A friend who makes truffles whipped up some dark-chocolate/framboise/espresso truffles coated in a dusting our 100% Yemen. Damn. Though it was like pulling teeth to get her to make them, the final product was well worth the wait. If James approves, you might see these at HV.

And speaking of Yemen, James sent along this informative link for all of those interested.


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